How to Start a Car Collection

Collecting cars can be a rewarding pastime. In the same way that historic homes offer a glimpse into the past, vintage vehicles serve as time capsules, documenting automotive history. Car buffs collect them not only for their beauty and value, but also to preserve them for future generations.

Car collections aren’t limited to classics, though. Unique modern rides also draw attention from collectors who focus on styling, performance, and automotive innovation.

Some collectors drive their cars, while others garage them most of the time. Hands-on enthusiasts roll up their sleeves and get acquainted with the inner workings of each vehicle, while others tend to their collections from a distance.

With so many things to consider, what’s the best way to start a car collection?


Is It Worth Trading in My Car?

So you’ve decided to finally take the plunge and get yourself a new car. Getting a new car is exciting, but selling your old car can be nerve-racking. But what are you suppose to do with your old car? You could try to sell it privately or you could trade it in at a dealership. Both options have pros and cons, so let’s see if it’s worth trading in your car.

Pros of Trading in Your Car


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How to Take Care of Your Car’s Leather Interior

A fine leather car interior is oh-so satisfying when it looks its best. Yet, while the interior is certainly a factor that most buyers consider when choosing a car, relatively few of them go to the effort of maintaining that fresh-out-of-the-shop appearance. Before long, their leather interior is dull, faded, covered in stains, and simply doesn’t impress like it used to. You need to put in a bit of time, effort, and love if you want to keep your car looking its best. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place—read on, and we’ll teach you how to keep your car’s leather looking fantastic for many years to come!


4 Cars With Great Gas Mileage for Drivers in Dallas

An INRIX study found that Dallas had the fifth-worst traffic congestion in the U.S. in 2017. Bogged-down traffic isn’t just time-consuming and frustrating; it also causes vehicles to use more fuel, resulting in an increase in car ownership costs. If you’re frequently traveling through heavy traffic in the Big D, it’s a good idea to get a car with great gas mileage. Here are four frugal cars that’ll go easy on your wallet.


3 Affordable Cars for New Drivers in Dallas

Whether you worked all summer to purchase your first car or you’re a recent college graduate looking to upgrade from the clunker you had at UT-Dallas, finding a vehicle without breaking the bank isn’t as hard as you may think. Many new and used cars offer affordability, reliability, and the features you want at a price that will have you floored. Here are just a few of the best vehicles for new drivers in the Dallas area. 


3 Killer Cars for Dallas City Driving

Although driving in Dallas is far better than many other major cities in America, that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing. When it’s rush hour, traffic can get hectic whether you’re on the North Central Expressway, Uptown, or on I-35. When this occurs, the last thing you want is a bulky car or one without the handling to take you around obstacles and other motorists. For heavy driving in Dallas, check out a few of these killer cars.


3 Small Sports Cars

Once upon a time, sports cars were the smallest vehicles on the road. Economy cars weren’t yet a necessity, and the massive muscle car craze hadn’t hit the country. Instead of opting for massive engines, the best way to build a sports car, it seemed, was to lower the weight as much as possible. The popularity of such a car has definitely had its ebb and flow over the years, but something alluring about the small sports car keeps drivers coming back. Navigate with ease, accelerate quickly, and blaze up the road in these small sports cars.


4 Great Six-Cylinder Cars for Dallas Driving

The six-cylinder engine is normally thought of as the Goldilocks of car engines: not too big, not too small, but just right. It’s not the most powerful engine, and it’s not an economical gas sipper. Instead, it’s a nice, average balance between the monster V8s and the planet-saving four-cylinders. Six-cylinder cars have come a long way, though. Since Formula One race cars are required to use a six cylinder, chances are you can find a great six-cylinder car to cruise around Dallas. (more…)

Fix Your Squeaky Brakes on Your Own

Along with nails on a chalkboard, a snoring spouse, and a dripping faucet, what noise irks you more than squealing brakes? Can you stop this menace without paying the brake shop? Yes, you can! First, you need to understand why the noise is happening. Then you can diagnose the problem and fix it without too much expense.

Why the Squeaking?


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Sound is vibration and vibration is natural. Your brakes will not always be silent, but they shouldn’t be persistently noisy. How long has it been since your brake pads have been replaced? It could be time. (more…)

Don’t Get Scammed Into Buying a Flood-Damaged Car

Looking to buy a used car in Dallas? Not sure about its history? Don’t get scammed into buying a flood-damaged car. Look deeper, and don’t just take a car at face value by using the following tips when checking out potential cars.

Run a Complete Car History Check

flood damage - Auto USA

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If you’ve found a car that you like, then one of the best things you can do is to run a full audit of the car’s history. Yes, it’s laborious but it can save you thousands of dollars down the line. There are free tools you can use such as the database of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Another free option you can use is VehicleHistory. The data you obtain (more…)