Month: November 2017

4 Great Six-Cylinder Cars for Dallas Driving

The six-cylinder engine is normally thought of as the Goldilocks of car engines: not too big, not too small, but just right. It’s not the most powerful engine, and it’s not an economical gas sipper. Instead, it’s a nice, average balance between the monster V8s and the planet-saving four-cylinders. Six-cylinder cars have come a long… Read more »

Fix Your Squeaky Brakes on Your Own

Along with nails on a chalkboard, a snoring spouse, and a dripping faucet, what noise irks you more than squealing brakes? Can you stop this menace without paying the brake shop? Yes, you can! First, you need to understand why the noise is happening. Then you can diagnose the problem and fix it without too… Read more »