3 Fun Attractions in Irving

As the first half of summer comes and goes, are you surprised (and maybe a little disappointed) by how fast the time has gone? Do you feel like you haven’t quite made the most of this summer? Well, don’t worry. The summer is far from over and Irving, Texas, has plenty of fun activities and attractions to offer. So if you’re willing to brave the Texas heat, then we’ve got the rest of your summer planned out. Here are three fun attractions in Irving.

The Marble Cow Sculptures

As you’ve probably heard, the Marble Cow Sculptures are one of the most popular attractions in Irving. These magnificent works of art stand on the top of Brune Hill, or Highway 114 at Rochelle Road, to be exact. You may ask: why sculpt a bunch of cows? These sculptures stand as a memory of the Las Colinas ranchlands that once dominated most of the land in and around what is now Irving. This monument of five marble cows was designed and sculpted by the talented artist, Harold Clayton. It is open for viewing everyday, and get ready for the best part: it’s completely free.

Mustangs of Las Colinas

The Mustangs of Los Colinas monument - Irving, Tx - Auto USA

Image via Flickr by steevithak

Another monument to the land of Irving’s heritage are the bronze mustang statues that can be seen galloping across a stream made of granite. If you’ve driven past them before, they really are worth a closer look, because those mustangs constitute the largest equestrian statue in the world. These statues stand at the center of the Las Colinas Urban Center, at William’s Square Plaza on O’Connor Road. The sculptures were carved by the African Wildlife artist, Robert Glen, and is located by a museum exhibit that features more of Glen’s work as well as a short, detailed documentary that follows Glen’s creation of the mustang statue. The statue itself is open for viewing any time of the day and the exhibit is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with free admissions.

Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center

Want to get a bit of history into your day? Then head on over to the Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center. This area (Bear Creek) was first settled by slaves in the 1850s — it’s one of the oldest African-American settlements in Texas. At the heritage center, visitors gain a historic perspective of the trials that these men, women, and children endured, and learn from their determination and strength. The center contains two of the oldest buildings in the area: the home of Irving’s first African-American schoolteachers, and a 1920s-era farmhouse. In addition to these buildings, the Heritage Center also contains a pavilion and some gardens. Located at the 3925 Jackson Street in Irving, the Heritage Center is open every second Saturday of the month, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and also by appointment. The area of Irving is full of a rich heritage unique to the city. What better way to spend some time this summer than to gain a greater appreciation of Irving and all those who have lived here before?