5 Green Cars for Irving Drivers

More and more people in Irving, Texas, are starting to invest in green cars. These vehicles have much less of an impact on the environment, meaning Irving’s beautiful surroundings won’t be spoiled in years to come by excess pollution. While green cars used to give you pretty poor mileage, all that has changed, thanks to the latest developments in energy-efficient technology. Because of that, you’ll find they are kind to your wallet as well as the planet.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

First up on our list is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a car that gets quite frankly incredible mileage — the equivalent of 126 mpg in the city and 99 mpg on the highway. That makes it a great option, whether you’re cruising through the streets of Irving or exploring some of the farther-flung parts of Texas. For just 90 cents per 25 miles, it’s extremely affordable to run, making it the perfect choice for those who want a green car on a budget.

Chevy Volt

Gas-powered cars use a huge amount of fuel for relatively little power. The Chevy Volt, on the other hand, uses an average equivalent of just 0.4 barrels of fuel per year. It also gets a pretty great mileage out of that low usage too. When operating in electric-only mode, you’ll get the equivalent of 94 mpg. Definitely not a figure to be sniffed at!

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius - Green Cars for Irving Drivers

Image via Flickr by mariordo59

When you say hybrid cars, the first one most people think of is the Prius. As one of the first widely available hybrids, Toyota has refined their approach over the years and made this car a core part of their vehicle lineup. The Prius is a spacious, comfortable car that gets a decent 46 mpg equivalent, even at higher speeds. It’s also a great family car that allows you to leave your children with a cleaner planet.

Chevrolet Bolt

This all-electric car is a real beast, thanks to its 200 horsepower engine, which makes it one of the most powerful electric cars around. That engine isn’t much of a drain on the power reserves, though; in fact, it can get an excellent 128 mpg equivalent in the city and 110 mpg on the highway. It copes well with rough roads too, so if you want to explore some off-the-beaten-track areas around Irving, this is the perfect car for you.

Ford Focus Electric

What’s this, an electric car that’s exactly the same as its gas-guzzling sibling? Well, yes. The Focus Electric is powered by a punchy 146 horsepower engine, and the interior is certainly familiar, so for those who aren’t yet fully sold on electric cars, it’s a good vehicle to take out for a test run to see what they think. This year’s model can get up to 100 miles out of a single charge, and it makes for a great all-around car that’s just as comfortable on the Texas highways as it is on the Irving streets. Whether you only need to drive around town, you’re a road-trip fan, or you like off-roading, one of these green cars will give you the perfect ride experience and help you save our planet.