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4 Great Six-Cylinder Cars for Dallas Driving

The six-cylinder engine is normally thought of as the Goldilocks of car engines: not too big, not too small, but just right. It’s not the most powerful engine, and it’s not an economical gas sipper. Instead, it’s a nice, average balance between the monster V8s and the planet-saving four-cylinders. Six-cylinder cars have come a long… Read more »

Fix Your Squeaky Brakes on Your Own

Along with nails on a chalkboard, a snoring spouse, and a dripping faucet, what noise irks you more than squealing brakes? Can you stop this menace without paying the brake shop? Yes, you can! First, you need to understand why the noise is happening. Then you can diagnose the problem and fix it without too… Read more »

Don’t Get Scammed Into Buying a Flood-Damaged Car

Looking to buy a used car in Dallas? Not sure about its history? Don’t get scammed into buying a flood-damaged car. Look deeper, and don’t just take a car at face value by using the following tips when checking out potential cars. Run a Complete Car History Check If you’ve found a car that you… Read more »

Pacifica Recall: Who’s Affected

Hang-tight curve-peeling soccer moms and dads. Before you go on your next joy ride, make sure your vehicle is not part of the Fiat Chrysler recall. Fiat Chrysler engineers discovered a problem with Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Learn: what is wrong with Pacificas and if your vehicle is affected why the problem exists what scenario you should… Read more »

Upcoming Autumn Events in Irving

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get outside and take in the beauty of the season. Enjoy Irving’s extensive calendar of local events, festivals, and family-fun celebrations while you immerse yourself in regional interests. Explore the area and embrace the festival of fall when you visit Irving this season. Ringo Starr & The… Read more »

5 Shockingly Cheap Sports Cars

If you have always dreamed of driving a fun sports car, you can make your dreams come true without breaking the bank. Sports cars are not just for people who have a lot of money; even the average person can buy one if they want to splurge just a little. Whether you want to buy… Read more »

What Brings Down Your Dallas Car’s Fuel Economy?

Texas may be full of black gold, but that doesn’t mean you want to guzzle through all of it yourself. Why isn’t your car getting the fuel economy you expect? How can you drive more efficiently? Tires Maintaining proper tire pressure can improve your fuel economy by up to 10 percent. It’s a very simple… Read more »

Fix Falling Ceiling Upholstery

It used to be common to see the ceiling upholstery of older models of vehicles falling down over time. Part of this stems from gravity and wear, while the rest of it comes from how vehicles used to be manufactured. Today, this is less common, as different processes are used in automotive manufacturing. However, it… Read more »

Tires: The Ultimate Mod for Your Dallas Ride

Dallas, Texas, drivers understand the value of high-quality tires. Whether driving daily commutes within the city or outbound on the LBJ Freeway, they recognize worn, ill-fitted, or mismatched rubber falls short of expectations. Although each person’s driving routines are unique, the cure for poor tire performance is the same across the state of Texas. Low… Read more »

So What Really Is the Best Hand Position on Your Steering Wheel?

Hand positioning is a major point in driver’s education, but the lessons you may have learned years ago aren’t necessarily relevant with today’s modern vehicles. Air bag positioning and car capabilities have changed over the years, and modern steering wheel techniques have changed with them. If you’re not sure how to best place your hands… Read more »