Fix Falling Ceiling Upholstery

It used to be common to see the ceiling upholstery of older models of vehicles falling down over time. Part of this stems from gravity and wear, while the rest of it comes from how vehicles used to be manufactured. Today, this is less common, as different processes are used in automotive manufacturing. However, it is still possible. If your car’s ceiling upholstery starts to fall, you can use these tips to get it back into shape.

Clean Upholstery


Image via Flickr by Ben Hosking

Before taking any other steps, make sure to clean your car’s upholstery really well using a cleaning agent specifically created for car interiors. This will help you get the best fabric color match if you plan to replace the upholstery or the lowest quote when it comes to repairing it. Plus, it makes a lot of sense to start with a clean surface if you use upholstery glue to re-adhere the fabric to the car’s ceiling.

Use Upholstery Glue Sparingly

You can buy an upholstery glue from a home improvement or automotive supply store to reattach the upholstery to the roof of your car. Closely follow the instructions on the package and use upholstery glue sparingly, as you don’t want the glue to come out clumpy or incredibly noticeable. You can always add more glue later. Some glues can be applied over the fabric, but most will require you to make a small slit into the fabric to glue between the car’s ceiling and upholstery.

Replace Headliner Material with New Foam Backing

Many times the fabric itself isn’t why your car’s ceiling upholstery is sagging. Sometimes it’s the foam backing that’s underneath the upholstery that is the problem. If you can carefully remove the upholstery fabric and the existing foam backing, you can replace the foam backing with a similar material that you can find in a craft or automotive supply store. Attach the foam backing with automotive glue and reattach the upholstery. With new foam backing that doesn’t sag, the ceiling upholstery fabric should stay taut and like new.

Buy a Ready-Made Solution

If the do it yourself option doesn’t sound appealing, there are ready-made ceiling upholstery solutions available on the market to help. To see what products exist for your vehicle, you can check with the dealership or with an auto supply store. There are also some online auto stores that sell specialty items. You might be able to find something that helps provide complete vehicle upholstery solutions for your entire car, depending on the make and model.

Seek Professional Help

There’s an even simpler solution for fixing your car’s falling ceiling upholstery problem. You can hire a pro! A car upholstery, remodel, or detailing shop might offer a cost-effective solution that’s quick and easy. If you’re uncomfortable completing do-it-yourself projects for your car or simply don’t have the time, this is always a highly effective option for solving the problem. Sagging or falling ceiling upholstery can date your car. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. Use these tips to keep your car in great shape.