4 Best Cars for Dallas Cowboy Tailgates

Dallas Cowboy fans love to tailgate during home games at AT&T Stadium. Few things can compete with cold drinks and meat on the grill while your favorite football players crush the opposing team. To get the most out of your tailgate though, you’ll need the right vehicle. These four cars stand out as some of your top options.

Ram 1500

Ram 1500 - Auto USA

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What Does the Future Look Like for Car Technology?

Ten years ago, what would you have imagined having in your dream car? Massage chairs for driver and passenger seats? Voice-controlled texting? A car that drives itself? All these dreams have become (or are on their way to becoming) reality. So what’s next? What does the future look like for car technology? We’ve already caught a glimpse of it, and we can tell you that this future is very promising. As it has done before, the future technology in vehicles will continue to increase the safety, convenience, and overall awesomeness of all vehicles on the road.

Head-Up Display

Future Car Concept - Auto USA

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Explaining Internal Combustion

Unless you drive a fully electric vehicle, your car generates power with an internal combustion engine. A lot of people, of course, only have a vague idea of what that means. This primer will introduce you to the key concepts that make your car go.

Steps in a Four-Stroke Engine

Explaining Internal Combustion - Auto USA

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3 Fun Attractions in Irving

As the first half of summer comes and goes, are you surprised (and maybe a little disappointed) by how fast the time has gone? Do you feel like you haven’t quite made the most of this summer? Well, don’t worry. The summer is far from over and Irving, Texas, has plenty of fun activities and attractions to offer. So if you’re willing to brave the Texas heat, then we’ve got the rest of your summer planned out. Here are three fun attractions in Irving. (more…)

Car Care DIY: Rock Chips

Unless you keep your car safely parked in your garage, it’s going to happen. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rock is going to bounce up off the road, hit your car, and chip the paint. It’s unsightly, but the appearance is the least of your problems. A rock or stone chip can go from a small problem to a big one if rust sets in. Left alone for long enough, corrosion could eat all the way through the metal, leaving a hole in your car’s body. Instead of calling the body shop to fix a rock chip, follow this DIY guide to repair your car’s paint job before any more damage can occur. (more…)

Sedan Comparison Infographic

Looking to purchase a new sedan, but not sure which one to buy? Check out this Sedan Comparison infographic to get an idea about the differences between a Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Toyota Camry. Hopefully this infographic will help you when making a decision on your next sedan purchase!

The Best Times to Buy a Used Car

Generally, the best time to buy a used car is during the winter and holiday season. This is due to the increased number of deals and promotions offered during this time. If you’re in the market for a used car, here are three more of the best times to buy, along with a few times you should avoid, if you can.

The Best Holiday: Black Friday

Best Time to Buy a Used Car - Auto USA of Texas

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4 American Cars to Take on the American Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip from one American coast to the other? Or are you driving from New England to the Florida Keys? No matter where in the continental United States you may be headed, American automakers know how to craft a car to take on the American road trip. With features like entertainment technology, comfortable cabins, extra safety, and horsepower, your road trip in one of the following four cars will be a vacation to remember.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Ford Mustang Convertible - Auto USA

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4 Best Hiking Trails in Dallas

Most people think of Dallas as a major metropolitan area, but it has a surprisingly quiet side with several stunning natural retreats. If you’re looking for a place to escape the bustle of the busy city, you don’t need to drive far. You’ll find all of these hiking trails just a few miles from downtown.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

Hiking Trails in Dallas - Auto USA

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Coming Events in Irving

As hot weather hits Irving, Texas, fun spring and summer events start popping up everywhere. Mark these fun family-friendly events on your calendar to help yourself have a stellar season this year in Irving. These local events are all free, and they offer many fun activities, live music, great food, and community spirit. (more…)