The Cars That Flopped in 2016

As in any industry, product engineers don’t always get it right the first time. We’ve reviewed some of the lowest-selling cars in 2016, and considered which of their features were not well-liked by the public. Here are the cars that flopped in 2016, along with the possible reasons why.

Volkswagen Golf R-3947

The sleek and compact Volkswagen was well-liked in Europe but certainly had less success here in the US. Only 4,000 were sold here in 2016. Some complaints were about the price. More than likely, however, it’s a matter of competition: other cars in the industry were either too similar–while being lower in price–or just slightly more compelling.

Alfa Romeo 4C-457

Its engine roars loud enough to wake the neighbors, and it has dual-clutch transmission, too. Sounds great, right? Sadly, there were many overlooked problems that held back this suave ride from succeeding. In America, only 457 of them were sold. One reason could be that although it’s known as a supercar in training, it still has a 4-cylinder, turbocharged 1.7-litre engine, which puts it behind its competitors. Plus, it has a 42 mpg average fuel consumption, which is less than impressive.

Ford Fiesta

No car sold better in Europe than the Ford Fiesta. Therefore, it came as a surprise that it didn’t fit the bill elsewhere. 45,000 have been sold in the US, but that’s still low in comparison to Ford’s typical numbers, and especially given its sales abroad. What are the downsides of the Ford Fiesta? Firstly, it hasn’t been known to have the ideal resale value, so the public may assume that if they’re going to invest in a car, it is best to skip over the Fiesta and buy one they can change their minds about in the future. Also, there’s no all-wheel drive system, which can prove a problem for those who journey through snow and need all their wheels engaged.

Chevrolet SS

2016 Car Flops - Auto USA

Image via Flickr by ilikewaffles11

The Chevrolet SS looks beautiful, sleek, and steady. It has rear-wheel-drive and is V8 powered, making for an intense and efficient trip. It also sports six speeds and magnetic ride control. Still, it didn’t fare well last year in the US. One downside of the Chevrolet SS is that, despite its impressive force, it comes in sedan model only. Even though it’s a tempting automobile to have, there are no options for a sleeker look.

Mini Cooper

The sleek and sexy Mini Cooper has, in fact, grown in size over the years, mostly due to increased safety requirements worldwide. Unfortunately, it is still small enough to feature only two doors, which was its look in 2016. That being said, the chief complaint about this classy, tiny ride is its high cost of maintenance. Although the initial fee is reasonable, any trip to fix what’s broken can cost a bundle. Given that it’s smaller than most rides, many customers simply looked elsewhere. What makes a car sell well or poorly? As you can see, even the greatest car manufacturers can’t always predict that. These are some beautiful cars. Hopefully, despite their 2016 downturn, their upcoming models will take the US by storm.