Tires: The Ultimate Mod for Your Dallas Ride

Dallas, Texas, drivers understand the value of high-quality tires. Whether driving daily commutes within the city or outbound on the LBJ Freeway, they recognize worn, ill-fitted, or mismatched rubber falls short of expectations. Although each person’s driving routines are unique, the cure for poor tire performance is the same across the state of Texas. Low quality, poorly sized tires need to be replaced with correctly matched versions, capable of handling anything Texas roads have to offer. Switching to a better set of tires can be the ultimate mod for your Dallas ride.

Performance Perks


Image via Flickr by Fisker Auto

If you are looking for better performance from your vehicle, changing tires is one of the most accessible modifications available. Not only is the process easily accomplished with a single visit to your tire shop, but the results of a tire upgrade are also immediate. After a correct set of tires has been installed, you’ll start feeling the handling benefits the very first time you take to the road. Compared to other mods designed to enhance performance, a new set of tires is a relatively inexpensive fix. Even if you elect to maintain a dedicated set of summer tires, the cost of keeping two high-quality sets is still far less expensive than engine and suspension upgrades. The key to maximizing tire functioning is matching your driving habits and expectations with the best type of tire for your car. Decelerating and cornering are among the most common moves you make on the road, and tires affect how your car holds up under these conditions. Upgrading to a set of high-quality tires gives you traction and stability, keeping you safe and smooth through corners. Sticking with a worn or subpar set, on the other hand, will leave you vulnerable to understeer and oversteer in corners. And, your braking ability can be compromised.

Making the Most of Tire Mods

Tires provide your only direct points of contact with the road, so they play a critical role, keeping you safe and satisfied with your car’s handling. In order to settle on the best tires for your vehicle, it is important to first measure your expectations. Do you need a single tire to carry you through all four Dallas seasons? Or does your budget allow for a high-performance summer tire setup? Is plus sizing the best approach for your car? Will wider tires help draw the best performance from your car? Answers to these and other important questions will help you refine your search for a suitable configuration. For the best fit, consider not only the width and diameter of the tire, but also weigh other variables impacting performance. Tread depth and the rigidity of the tire rubber, for instance, can make a big difference in the way it performs. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options, online resources can be a big help pinpointing Dallas area providers prepared to install the upgrade. When your car needs a performance boost, affordable, accessible tire mods are one of the most effective ways to upgrade handling.